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Casino -König Gildo Tesoro ist ein Charakter aus One Piece Film Gold. Er ist verantwortlich für das goldene Schiff Gran Tesoro, der größten Unterhaltungsstadt. OnePiece -Tube bietet dir die neusten und aktuellsten Anime Folgen sowie Manga Kapitel direkt aus Japan!. Diesmal war der neue One Piece Film an der Reihe. Auf dem Casino -Insel- Schiff Gran Tesoro sieht es für Ruffy, Nami, Zorro, Sanji, Lysop. His mother was never supportive of his dream of being a star and even drunkenly snarled at him to stop singing. Sie möchten noch mehr Infos oder sich gleich bewerben? Dragon Ball Z Kai. Tesoro is a very tall and muscular man with slicked-back green hair who wears a pink suit and pants. During his time as a slave, Tesoro was constantly mocked and abused by his master, who even forbade him from smiling. Retrieved from " http: Three years later, the Donquixote Pirates held an auction for the Gol Gol no Mi. He hates it when people laugh in front of him without his permission, going so far as to kill said person in cold blood if they are caught doing so. Chapter [1] ; Episode [2] ; Movie 13 [3]. However, when Treasure failed to find the Pure Gold and was lost in the process, Tesoro showed no regard for him. OnePiece-Tube Zur nächsten Folge. Episode Guide One Piece Movies Filler The Music. He changed the Hoof of the Soaring Dragon mark on his back into a wien mark, befitting his transformation from a slave into a gilded king. While Tesoro was at first rather pleased with the Straw Hat Pirates for their action of defeating Donquixote Doflamingo for him, he did not hold them in high regard, and saw them as no different than his other victims of Gran Tesoro. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Erscheinung 2 Vergangenheit 3 Verschiedenes 4 Referenzen. Tesoro war in armen Verhältnissen aufgewachsen und hatte Probleme Freunde zu finden. Since Stella hated criminals, Tesoro started legitimately earning money in order to purchase her freedom. September kommt 'Cars 3: Tesoro sent criminals to the auction venue to kill many people, and was able to gain possession of the fruit.

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The new blind Admiral Fujitora (Issho) showing his power and recognizes Luffy one piece casino Zur Startseite ProSieben MAXX App Sendungen. Later, Tesoro sat in a pool of liquid gold when Spandam approached him, and Tesoro paid Spandam for his services, though he requested that he receive more World Government help after Spandam left. An angel and a devil will open up the door. This time revealing two new outfits for the Straw Hat crew members. This impacted his personality, causing him to threaten to kill anyone who laughs in front of him. Tesoro then tried to get revenge on Carina by stomping on her, but Nami rescued. Sign In Don't have an account? Dice joined Tesoro's crew around this time. Darüber befindet sich hengst casino goldene Kette mit einem goldenen Stern. Der falsche Ruffy Zum Video. Community Einloggen Die Crew Forum IRC-Chat Facebook Twitter Shirt-Designer Spenden.


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